Moshe Brakha
June 3 - July 15, 1978


Moshe Brahka,  God Bless America

Moshe Brahka, God Bless America

Moshe Brakha, one of Los Angeles' most active commercial photographers showed work at a one-man show at CAMERAWORK in June of 1978. He creates stylized art expressions in a 40" x 40" black and white format, using spot-lght techniques for personal emphasis both in the studio and on location. Brakha has won awards for his record covers and magazine stories including Bobby Womack's Safety Zone, Boz Scaggs' Silk Degrees, Walter Egans' Fundamental Roll, and his "High School" portfolio for Rolling Stone.

Brakha was born and raised in Israel and appears to view the current American culture through its artifacts, costumes and props. He translates these social metaphors into visual icons, such as the woman kissed before the American flag. His work has the arresting quality of something you knew you would see if you hung around this culture long enough, but are still startled when it materializes directly before you. 

-(Camerawork Newsletter Spring 1978, page 6)