From the Studio: A Commercial Viewpoint  
Marcia Lieberman, Sally Weare and Jeanne O’Connor
February 7 - March 4, 1978

3RD Annual Photo Erotica Show

Contemporary California Photography Exhibition 1
Robert Flick, Arthur Ollman, Ellen Salwen, Jerry Burchard and Catherine Wagner.

California Photography Exhibition 2
John Divola, Michael Levine, Robert Heineckin and Marsha Bailey.

California Photography Exhibition 3
William De Lappa, Hal Fischer, Jack Fulton, Wanda Hammerbeck, Sam Samore, Al Nodal and Donna-Lee Phillips
May 2 - 27, 1978

Images in Color
John Mercer, Patricia Mercer, Alice Steinhardt and Moshe Brakha
May 30-July 8

Michael Bishop & William Larson
July 11 - August 19, 1978