James D. Phelan Art Award in Photography
Shari Lamanet, Regan Louie and Adrienne Salinger
February 4 - 27, 1988

Rimma Gerlovina, Mark Berghash and Valeriy Gerlovina
March 3 - April 9, 1988

Bay Area Students Project
California College of the Arts and San Jose State University 
April 14 - 30, 1988

At Home with Themselves: Photographs of Gay and Lesbian Couples
Sage Sohier
May 5 - June 4, 1988

Family Photographs
Doug Dubois
May 5 - June 4, 1988

Digital Photography: Captured images/Volatile Memory, New Montage
Paul Berger, Michael Brodsky, Chirstopher Burnett, Carol Flax, George LeGrady, Manual (Susan Bloom, Ed Hill), Esther Parada, Sheila Pinkel, Alan Rath and Ed Tannenbaum 
June 9 - August 13, 1988

Below the Line: "Living Poor in America” and “Exploding into Life"
Eugene Richards
September 13 - October 15, 1988

Cross Currents/Cross Country
John Bloom, Leon Borensztein, Gary Borgstedt, Ken Botto, Robert Dawson, Doug DuBois, Mark Durant, Vance Gellert, Nina Glaser, John Harding, David Heiden, Michael Kenna, Cay Lang, Sara Leith, Ken Light, Ken Miller, Richard Misrach, Ruth Morgan, Hilda Shum/Paul Berg, Chris Sullivan, Larry Sultan, Brian Taylor, Michelle Van Parys, Catherine Wagner, Jo Whaley and Paul Winternitz 
October 10 - November 19, 1988

Veracities & Mendacities
Patrick Nagatani and Andree Tracey
December 8, 1988 - January 28, 1989