The Rape Series
Cynthia Gano Lewis
January 3 - February 11, 1984

Tamarra Kaida
January 3 - February 11, 1984

Arranged Image Photography
Yura Adams, Harry Bowers, Lawrie Brown, Marsha Burns, Jo Ann Callis, Michael Cordell, Eileen Cowin, Robert Cumming, Judy Dater, Peter Delory, John Divola, Reed Estabrook, Judith Golden, David Goldes, David Haxton, James Henkel, Graham Howe, David Maclay, Mark McFadden, Duane Michals, Kenda North, Bill O’Donnell, Olivia Parker, John Pfahl, Don Rodan, Thom Sempere, Sandy Skoglund, Bernard Faucon, Stan Smith and Arthur Tress
February 14 - March 24, 1984

Photo Offset Reproductions
John Baldessari, Anna Banana, Paul Berger, Frances Butler, Betsy da Vids, Miles De Coster, John Dean, Conrad Gleber, Ruth Hayes, Susan King, Judy Levy, Ginny Lloyd, Joan Lyons, Terrance Mcmahon, Rebecca Michaels, Kevin Osborn, Bart Parker, Carlo Pitore, Jim Pomeroy, Re/Search, Willyum Rowe, D Matthew Smith, Keith Smith, Mimi Smith, Melody Sumner, Linn Underhill, Todd Walker, Robert Warhover, Reese Williams, Adrian Wilson, John Wood, Phillip Zimmerman and Janet Zweig. 
March 27 - May 5, 1984

Kid Gloves and Triptych
Julio Mitchel
May 8 - June 16, 1984

The Photogenic Campaign: Media Influences on Politics
Richard Gordon and Lionel Delevingne 
June 19 - July 28, 1984

El Salvador
Works of Thirty Photographers
July 31 - September 5, 1984

SF Camerawork Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
Participants include camerawork's past and present exhibitors ( Eileen Cowin, Susan Felter, Kenneth Shorr and Joel-Peter Witkin etc.)
September 11 - October 13, 1984

Bay Area Students Projects
SF Art Institute and SFSU students
October 16 - 27, 1984

Encounters, They Shall Cast Out Demons
William Burke
October 30 - December 1, 1984